My conclusions from VMworld 2016

That year was my 1st VMworld,  I always wanted to go but was unable to because many different reasons. This year I promised to myself to attend VMworld and that’s how I found myself 8 hours after my sister wedding (Mazal Tov!) staring my 17 hours journey to Las Vegas.

Soon as you land at Las Vegas airport you will notice the vendors billboard, mostly Nutanix. And that’s it, VMworld is on!

The solution exchange is the place to be most of the time, there is also the session (which are great!) and the VMviliage that you should not miss, overall the conference is great, I loved the atmosphere, loved the ability to meet with all the partners and hear (and see) their offering. The sessions are really good, they are a great way to learn about products and new features.

After all the hype and buzz (isn’t that the same?…) I was disappointed that there was no new important announcements. I was looking for vSphere 6.5 RTM which had his beta ended few weeks ago. I guess it will be announce in VMworld Europe. Its looks like VMware is really struggling at innovating, except for NSX (which they acquired). VSAN is great, (I’m a happy customer) but there is lots of competitions in the HCI market. There is also EUC, Automation and Monitoring, but that’s out-of-scope for this post, I will leave that for a separate blog post…

Here are some tips or “lesson-learned” I got from this experience –

Don’t over-swag

Apparently “swag” is the word for free mostly branded gifts (I didn’t know that…). Usually it will be t-shirts, flash drives, stickers, phone charger etc. if you will be lucky you might win some of the raffles (I wasn’t lucky…) and bring home a very cool (and heavy) prize.

I had a really struggle packing for the flight back home, travel light!

Don’t over-schedule

As a VMworld newbie pre-arrival to the conference I was eager to schedule as much sessions as I could, in realty I didn’t attend most of them. This is not your typical day-to-day work schedule. Walking from one session to another is not easy, the conference area is big, very big! You will have to walk very far and will be attracted to other stuff in the way or meet people. Try to be focus, I found that the best for me is 2 sessions a day, remember that some of the sessions are recorder and you will be able to watch them in the comfort of your office/home.

Attend the breakfast at VMworld!

Don’t miss the breakfast at VMworld, not because of the food (which was very good this year!) but for socializing. I found that people are more chatty in the morning. I had some very interesting talks around the table over breakfast.

As lunch people are more busy getting to or from somewhere, busy with there phone, thing at work or home and generally – busier and less chatty.

Attend the VMworld party

This year bands was Capital Cities and Fall Out Boy, there was also a dance floor with 2 DJs. If didn’t feel like dancing or see the band there was also lots of other attraction, food and drinks. I wish the party didn’t had to end by 11PM. I had a great time at the party and meet with very nice people (I guess the alcohol make people more open to new connection… hmm…).

So, in sort – that was my VMworld 2016. Hope to see you in VMworld 2017.

Thanks for reading!

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