Objective 3.2: Install an Enterprise Deployment

This is part of my VCP7-CMA study guide – Objective 3.2: Install an Enterprise Deployment.

Official Blueprint-


  • Identify IaaS enterprise deployment prerequisites
  • Validate environment readiness for given design based on install type and size
  • Confirm DNS configuration for servers and load balancers based on deployment type and size
  • Deploy and configure vRealize Automation Appliance OVF
  • Install using the installation wizard
    • Determine and select appropriate deployment based on size
    • Determine and select the appropriate servers for component installation
    • Prepare the environment for installation based on deployment size
    • Install IaaS Web components and model manager data
    • Install IaaS manager server and DEM Orchestrator components
    • Install DEM Workers
    • Install Management Agents
  • Implement and manage CA signed certificates


I would recommend to go thru the simple installation at least once and read the official documentation in addition to this blog posts.

Eric Shanks (The IT Hollow) – vRealize Automation 7 – Enterprise Install

Michael Rudloff (Open902.com) – vRealize Automation 7 – Enterprise Install

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