My VMware VCP7-CMA Beta Exam Experience


Today I took the VCP7-CMA beta exam and I wanted to quickly share my experience with you. Obviously this tips are more general and will be relevant to the GA exam and probably to any certification exam (for my knowledge the beta ends this week).

About the beta exam – it’s tough! The exam consists of 175 (!) single and multiple choice questions covering all topics of the product (vRA 7). The time allowed is 210 minutes and for non-native English speakers countries there is an extra 30 minutes, so 240 minutes (4 hours) for 175 questions.

Let me say it straight – I don’t think I pass (there is no immediate results at beta exams). As a customer I tend to foucus on my company needs and use cases and not necessary using and gaining experience with other features of the product which is quite expected but not good enough for certification exams.

I had a feeling that I wasn’t ready for the exam but decided to try anyway, I figured it is a good experience and that I could learn what are my weak areas so I can improve for next time (and it was cheap… the exam cost 50$).

As expected, I was quite overwhelmed by the deep technical level some of the questions was, I knew that I have more to cover on XaaS, Roles, Reservations and Approval policies but I didn’t know how much…

I’m not telling you to learn this Objectives! I’m trying to emphasize that you need to map your weak areas, what is not on your day-to-day tasks? what you have never done? try to strengthen your knowledge and gain some experience on that areas.

From my weak objective list, you can see that in my environment I don’t use Approvals Policies (YET!) and that we are just starting to use XaaS. I didn’t know reservation as I expected – there is much more insight there then I know… Roles is a huge topic; I will try to write a post about roles soon.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “My VMware VCP7-CMA Beta Exam Experience

  1. Hey,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I took the exam and totally with your opinion.
    BTW, Did you receive your results yet ?? I didn’t 😦


  2. Hi,
    Sorry you didn’t pass the exam, but look at this experience as a learning experience. I actually got a new idea from the exam that helped me resolve a problem I had (using custom resources!
    After using vRA 7.x for almost a year I know that I have much more ground to cover.
    I didn’t receive the beta result yet.

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